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1. Classical Tibetan Language



Basic Studding materials

Fundamentals, Part One

The Letters RA, BA, DA, NGA

Fundamentals, Part Two 

The Letters CHA SA LA PA NA YA

Fundamentals, Part Three

The Letters JA GA SHA TA
Superscripted Letters I - RA

"IS" in Forms of Existence

Fundamentals, Part Four  

The letters TSA, KA, short A, long A
Superscripted Letters II - LA
Superscripted Letters II - SA
The Expression "To Have Something"

Fundamentals, Part Five

The letters HA, ZA
The O to Ö Rule; The letter CA
The A to E Rule
The secondary Suffix SA and DA

Fundamentals, Part Six

The Letter ZHA
The Letter KHA
Root Letters
Prefix Letter Short -AH
The Letter NYA
Prefix Letter MA



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